Who Is A Professional Intervention For?

An intervention is a life-saving step taken by family members, employers, workmates and friends of a person addicted to alcohol or drugs to convince the person to receive treatment and get back to living a normal life.

Addiction is a big issue that affects many American citizens nationwide. Because of addiction, many families have suffered, relationships have been broken, careers ruined and people’s health compromised.

Unfortunately, people addicted to these drugs often fail to seek treatment even as they lose control of their lives and put themselves at great risk of dying from excessive use of drugs that are harmful to the body.

This leaves their family members and other relatives and friends making plans to help save them from the situation they are in. An intervention could be the last chance to persuade an addict to turn his or her life around.

Who Is A Professional Intervention For?

There are many signs which are characteristic of people who are deeply addicted. Persons who display three or more of the following signs need professional intervention.

  1. Ignoring Important Responsibilities – This is a very significant sign of worsening addiction. The addict tends to neglect the duty of looking after his or her family, employment or school work in a younger addict.
  2. Unsuccessful Attempts to Quit Using Drugs – If an addict tells family members that he or she has tried several times to stop using drugs but failed, it should be considered a very good entry point for the intervention process. An addict cannot win the war against addiction without support from family and friends or a specialist. This is because recovery from addiction can be a very tough process and demands a lot of support.
  3. Another thing that shows that it is time to help someone get treatment is when they become very defensive when confronted about their addiction and use of drugs. When asked, they are likely to respond by saying things like “Leave me alone; it’s not your problem.” If this happens more than once, it’s time to get help.
  4. A major signal that someone needs intervention is when he or she has to be intoxicated or ‘high’ on the drug of choice in order to be able to function. This is because the addict’s body begins to recognize the drug as an essential bodily element and therefore rebels if it is not in the system.
  5. Endless Financial Issues – Addicts spend a lot of money on feeding their cravings for drugs or alcohol and often do not have money for other important things like caring for their families and paying for education. This is a very serious issue and can lead to debt.
  6. Relationship Problems – Addiction to alcohol and other drugs is a major cause of disputes within families and relationships around the country. Also, an intoxicated person may cause injuries to their loved ones on more than one occasion, only to regret the action later.
  7. Isolation – One of the most serious effects of substance addiction that causes many families to turn to professional help is when addicts in the family tend to keep away from the rest of the family, making it very hard to even see them. They withdraw completely, with some even disappearing for months on end. An intervention can bring a family together again.

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