What Is A Professional Intervention?

A professional intervention is a step taken by family members and friends of people addicted to alcohol and other drugs, due to the denial of the crisis often seen in addicts. Intervention also includes assistance from an addiction specialist. Because of the denial, many addicts fail to seek treatment independently and will not listen to others. Often, victims of addiction deny that they have a problem and ward off any attempts to persuade them to shake ....

Who Is A Professional Intervention For?

An intervention is a life-saving step taken by family members, employers, workmates and friends of a person addicted to alcohol or drugs to convince the person to receive treatment and get back to living a normal life. Addiction is a big issue that affects many American citizens nationwide. Because of addiction, many families have suffered, relationships have been broken, careers ruined and people's health compromised. Unfortunately, people addicted to t....

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Just as elsewhere in the world, the United States of America has to deal with a lot of issues associated with addiction to alcohol and other substances.

Addiction can best be explained as a disease that greatly alters the way its victims can live their lives. It affects the addicts’ capacities to think properly and make decisions, causes financial problems, puts a strain on relationships and puts people at risk of being affected by chronic illnesses such as HIV/AIDS.

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